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pizza by certé

How Green Is Pizza By Certé?

Building is pursuing Gold LEED  Certification, and includes recycled walls, millwork from wheat and recycled bottle countertops.

Eco-pizza boxes from Greenbox.

All utensils and paper goods made from recyclable materials and are biodegradable.

Crystal clear drinking cups & containers made from a resin derived entirely from plants.

Utilize rain water for non-consumption uses.
All deliveries made by foot or hybrid truck.

How Pizza By Certé Is Green.

“Green” wall growing our own fresh basil.

Non-bleached, never bromated flour, including whole wheat and chickpea flours.

Fresh tomatoes that have never seen the inside of a can.

Only fresh cheeses, so no oily residue.

Handmade pasta made on site.
All our menu items are made with ingredients that are fresh and local when weather permits
What separates an eco pizza business from a traditional one? The sustainability practices go beyond the actual building.

Chef Edward Sylvia of Certé, the famed Midtown caterer, first got interested in eco-friendly food preparation for his children, “I didn't want to be responsible for leaving a mess to my kids.” Always a fan of the slow food movement, he also saw the impact processed foods is having on the younger generations.

After 2 years of intensive planning (the dough recipe took a year alone), Chef Sylvia is elated to bring NYC a delicious, fresh product that minimizes our impact on the environment. To sum it up, we are really just trying to “do the right thing.”

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