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Chef Edward Sylvia has been a generous supporter of New York City charities over the last 10 years and believes deeply in giving back. Just a few of the many charities we assist that we hope you will support as well.

 Shelter for the Homeless
               New York Says Thank You
Duncan Tree   SlowFood   Haiti Circle of Friends   Health Corps   Harbor Science & Arts Charter School    

To insure that we can make the most of our charitable donations, we offer the following guidelines for those seeking support from Certe’. While we appreciate that every cause is worthwhile, we cannot offer support for all of the requests we receive. At times, we must decline participation in a great and worthy program or event because we have already committed our budget. We ask that telephone calls requesting a donation or regarding the status of your request not be made due to the volume we receive.
How To Submit A Donation Request

All requests must be submitted in writing prior to the event date. Proof of charitable status must be provided. Please email all requests to info@certenyc.com.

We Are More Likely To Support Charities That Are:
Located within the New York City area
Aimed at supporting children's causes
Aimed at feeding less fortunate people
Aimed at supporting sustainable food and environmental causes
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